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Home Education in the UK – Update May 2020


The 2020 Learn Free conference was due to be held on 16 May, but was moved online because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I was due to provide an update on the political scene surrounding home education in Great Britain. Instead I produced a video rounding up the past and the present situations, given that the majority of families world-wide have been introduced to a very strange form of schooling at home in recent months.

There can be no doubt that the lockdown has changed the educational landscape significantly, and I report on some of the different voices which have been raised as a result of the mass switch to education at home – some encouraging and others far from so. I conclude with a brief look at the rise in online learning and what that may mean in the future, especially in respect to national examinations.

In the video I mention two resources. The first is a list of links to the sources I quote. Secondly, I close with a “Spot-the-difference” question – if you need more time to think about, it you can download a copy.

Finally, at the time of writing it is still possible to “book in” to this year’s Learn Free conference, because all the sessions were recorded and the majority will be available for some time yet. You can see the full programme and register on this page. Some of the better known speakers include:

CSF Bill, Public Committe Stage, audio files


Tuesday this week saw the first two Commons Public Committee witness sessions of the CSF Bill. Home education cropped up a couple of times in the first and was the sole topic of the second which lasted for about 1¾ hours.

Links to the official video and Hansard records of the sessions are available, but the video cannot be downloaded. I have put audio recordings of the session which can be downloaded via the Chirbit site on this page.