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[N.B. Due to the passage of time and in particular the transition of the DfCSF web site into the DfE one, several of the links below no longer work. They are left in place for the completeness of the historical record.]

PDF and other Government documents relevant to this topic:

Badman Review and the DfCSF

Report to the Secretary of State on the Review of Elective Home Education in England PDF & Review of Elective Home Education in England – Letter to Graham Badman available here

Home Education – Your Views: DfCSF “Consulation” 19 Jan to 20 Feb 2009 available here

DfCSF (Delyth Morgan) Press Release 20 Jan 09 available here

DfCSF (Delyth Morgan) Press Release 11 June 09 available here

CSF Select Committee inquiry into the Badman Review

Inquiry into the DCSF-commissioned review of elective home education – Press Notice 22 July 09, available here

Graham Badman’s request to local authorities for data to support his conclusions 17 Sep. 09, available here

Graham Badman’s letter to Mr Barry Sheerman, Chairman of the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee 28 Oct 09, (and other items) available here

Select Committee Report  (including oral – formal and informal – and written evidence) 16 Dec 09, available here

House of Commons press release announcing publication of the SC Report available here

Schools Minister Diana Johnson responds to the Children, Schools and Families select committee report on home education [She must be joking!] available here

Children, Schools and Families Bill 2009-10

The Bill – relevant schedule available here

Impact Assessment and  Explanatory Notes (relevant sections) available here. N.B. This page is regularly updated with further publications from the DfCSF relevant to the Bill.

DfCSF response to the so-called consultation, published just in time for the Second Reading of the Bill, available from here

Ed Balls’ response to the mass of Petitions to Parliament which had been presented over recent weeks, is available in Hansard here. (N.B. This links takes you to the top of the list of Petitions, you will need to scroll down past these to the Secretary of State’s response.)

List of cross-party amendments to the CSF Bill. Those relevant to Clause 26 start on this page in Hansard, but you can also download a PDF file with them from here.

List of stages the CSF Bill has passed through, with links to the relevant sections in Hansard, etc. can be found here.

The Bill’s HoC Committee received 48 submissions from organisations and members of the public. 30 of these were concerned with HE, the full list can be found here on Parliament’s web site. We have looked through them and compiled a list of those which are relevant to HE with a brief comment on each. Our list is available as a PDF file here.

Letters to National Newspapers

Guardian 11/1/01 here. Full list of over 1,000 signatures here.

Guardian 12/1/10 Diana Johnson’s reply – which is a repetition of all the same well worn excuses for not listening – can be found on the DfCSF web site here.

Documents concerning the very sad case of Khyra Ishaq

Application by the Birmingham City Council for a care order under section 31 of the Children Act 1989 in relation to Khyra’s five siblings. the High Court of Justice, Birmingham District Registry before The Honourable Mrs Justice King DBE. The judgement, given on Friday 6th March 2009, is available here.

Serious Case Review into the tragic death of Khyra Ishaq, Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board, 27th July 2010. Full text (PDF) and Statement from the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board on Birmingham City Council web site here (html version of their press release).

At the time BCSB also provided on their web site PDF copies of press releases by other organisations, but these are now no longer available. Copies are therefore now hosted on this site. These are from themselves, Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police and the relevant NHS, PCTs. The SCR Action Plan can be downloaded separately from the full review here. Other statements in response to publication of the SCR: Michael Gove Secretary of State; British Association of Social Workers & UNISON.

There seems to be no publicly available record of the criminal trail of Khyra’s mother Angela Gordon and her partner, Junaid Abuhamza. The trial took place at Birmingham Crown Court and was conducted by Mr Justice Roderick Evans. The trial concluded on 25 February 2010 with the defendants pleading guilty of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility and also to five counts of child cruelty. Two weeks later her mother was sentenced to 15 years in custody and Abuhamza was jailed indefinitely for public safety (minimum term of 7½ years). However, both appealed against their sentences but on 1 March 2011, The Court of Appeal dismissed their arguments. The full judgement by The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Mr Justice Henriques and Mr Justice Davis, is available here.

Groups and individuals campaigning against the Bill – there are others!

Freedom for Children to Grow – ‘Education Otherwise’ campaign web site

Action for Home Education – Badman Review Pages

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: One of the helpful pages from AHED’s web site

Home Education Forums

Petition on No. 10 Petitions Web Site

Individual sites – please don’t assume I support everything they say!

Dare to Know – Blog

Sometimes It’s Peaceful – Blog

If you know of other sites which could be added here please let me know.

2017/18 Lord Soley’s HoL Private Members Bill:

The HE Byte – Commenting on the UK EHE political scene.

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