Europe: Recent Changes Regarding Home Education

These 5 short videos below have been extracted with permission from a session entitled “Family Rights Regarding Children’s Education: A Brief Look Into the Most Recent Changes (Europe)” at the Global Home Education Conference, November 2020.

This two hour session comprised reports from several European countries. British home educators will find these videos help them to appreciate the similarity of the issues being faced in other European countries.

The full video can be viewed on the GHEX website – free registration required, which allows access to recordings of all conference sessions.

One of the other GHEX speakers, Guillaume de Thieulloy from France, also provided an update in this session, but the situation there is developing very fast. More recent information can be found on the website of a coalition of French home educators organisations which has come together to resist the proposals to ban home education in France except for exceptional circumstances.

Right to choose the method of Instruction
Right to choose the method of Instruction

Most of the website is in French; non-French speakers may find help from Google Translate, and for PDF files from PDF Translator.

Yesterday (18 Jan.) French news service FRI, published this helpful English language report on a protest held the previous day in Paris – “French families defend home-schooling, under threat in debate on separatism.” The report illustrates the similarities in the arguments being used against educational freedom in France and in Great Britain.

Catherine Sunshine – Republic of Ireland.
Home Education Advocate (particular interest in policy making and Law)

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Jonas Himmelstrand – Sweden/Finland.
Educator and International Speaker in Human Potential. Faculty member of The Neufeld Institute, Canada. Homeschooling leader in the Nordic Swedish-speaking language area.

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Marek Budajezak – Poland.
Dr Hab., Professor UAM in Educational Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

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José Ramalho – Portugal.
Graduate at Law School from 2000; Lawyer since 2001.

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Emese Togyes-Busz – Hungary.
Board Member
Global Home Education Exchange.

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