Tories would scrap new duty for parents that educate children at home

According to the Times Michael Gove has no gone on the record promising that the Conservatives would do away with Clause 26 should it claw its way through the present Parliament, should they form the next Government. This commitment is very welcome even though it has been a long time coming. It its also another good sign that should the Bill end up in the wash-up, Clause 26 will go down the plug hole.

The full story can be found here.

The Tories would scrap a new duty that requires parents who educate their children at home to be registered with councils.

Michael Gove, the Shadow Schools Secretary, said that he would block plans which “stigmatise” home educators.

Under the Children, Schools and Families Bill, which has almost finished going through Parliament, local authorities will setup databases of home-educating families and visit them to ensure that standards are met.


In a debate yesterday on the timesonline blog, Schoolgate, one parent said: “Home educators have no faith in government after being treated so badly by Labour. How can that be rectified?”

Mr Gove said that he thought parents who educated their children at home did a wonderful job. He said: “Government should support them and we won’t allow the current Government’s plans to stigmatise home educators to get through.”

Mr Gove promised that clauses of the Bill relating to home education would never become law if the Tories won power in the general election.

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