List of Submissions to Commons Committee for CSF Bill

Recently, I posted a message to a Yahoo Group about keeping peers, who have responded positively to contact from home educators, informed of what is happening with the CSF Bill, etc. In it I mentioned that 30 of the 48 submissions to the Commons CSF Bill Public Committee were about home education. I added it would be far too much to expect any peer to read them all, so Mary and I had prepared a list of the ones relevant to HE, with a brief introduction to each, and that we were happy for others to pass a copy of it on to members of the House of Lords.

Someone has said that they found the list very useful and would like to share it wider. The original post is not available to those who are not on the mailing list, so either the whole post would need to be forwarded to others (and we all now how easy it is to misplace one email amongst many!) or a more widely available and permanent link to it needed to be provide.

Therefore here it is: HoC_Committee_HE_Relevant_Memoranda.

As I said in the original message, “Please be gracious to us if our comments are not quite what you would have said about your own submission”.

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