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House of Commons, Second Reading Videos


It has taken me a while but I have just finished putting the relevant segments from the coverage of Monday’s Second Reading in the House of Commons of the CSF Bill. There is about 80 minutes in total, but they come in 17 different segments.

Access the index from this page

P.S. Good piece in today’s Guardian by Graham Stuart MP – here

What a day yesterday was!


First things first though.

Today a copy of an article in the Border Counties Advertizer arrived from Des & Trudy. I have now added it to our list of articles. You can find it here.

Back to yesterday, which I was meant to be taking as a day off. First news came of a letter being published in the Guardian signed by over 1,ooo people including both Mary and myself. This was timed to coincide with the second reading of the CSF Bill. You can find the article here and the full list of signatories here. Looked impressive. Well done to those who got it together.

Then I discovered that not unexpectedly the DfCSF had published over the weekend, too late for anyone to read it, their response to the ‘consultation’ which closed in October. I really don’t know why any homed educated parent or child bothered to submit a response – despite outnumbering all other types of responses the DfCSF basically plan to ignore the overwhelming rejection of their plans and intend to press ahead. You can download the Word document from here.

All that was followed by 5 hours watching the Second Reading of the CSF Bill on Parliament TV. Balls was his usual dismissive self calling concerned HE families a “minority” and determined to get his licensing scheme through. However lots of other MPs spoke up against clauses 26 & 27 including Gove (Shadow Sec. of State) and Laws (LibDem Spokesman). Also some Lab MPs were supportive, especially Kate Hoey.  In all Home Education took up about 75 minutes of the 5 hours the debate lasted. I make that over 20% of the time which was great and  compliment to the army of previously non-political people who have got involved over the last 12 months. I hope to be able in time to post videos of the relevant speeches, but for now this link to the Hansard record will have to suffice.