Civil Liberties & Elective Home Education

This video was filmed as a contribution to the Learn Free Conference 2022. This discussion explores the experiences of a long-time civil liberties campaigner, and how their experiences inform the present need in the UK to defend the primacy of parents in the education of their children.

Tristram Llewellyn Jones was home educated himself, but didn’t originally plan to home educate his own children. However, his long-standing concern to maintain civil liberties and his later experiences as a home educator on the Isle of Man, give him an important understanding of where these two areas overlap.

I arranged to interview Tristram before the publication of the Schools Bill in England; however it was against that backdrop that our conversation took place!

If you are wondering if those with influence understand the connection between civil liberties and the freedom to home educate, the following report should make it clear that they do.

Amanda Spielman on Monitoring and Civil Liberties – The HE Byte


Homeschooling Around the World Podcast – 24 Nov. 2021

OK, I know that the title isn’t very English, but it’s not mine.

Following the judgment in the Goodred v Portsmouth City Council Judicial Review, I was asked by Mike Donelly to contribute to an episode of his podcast reflecting on the outcome of the case. The whole episode is around 2 hours long, of which my contribution was just over 30 minutes. My segment can be listened to below.

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